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Category: Internet Marketing
Rating: 5/5

Armando says…

Before I begin with this review, I must state that unlike most ‘collections’, this is not just a bunch of digital products thrown together and sold at a discount. They have actually worked out all areas of their success and what is required to become successful online and the result is amazing.

They have everything covered in areas such as:

– Website Traffic
– Video Marketing
– Affiliate Marketing
– List Building
– Social Media
– Essential Internet Marketing
– And a lot more…

The Niche Marketing Kit is an all-in-one marketing toolkit by Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill. It is a collection of products that have been consolidated into one package to allow bloggers and/or affiliate marketers to gain access to all necessary training to monetize websites.

It is created with the intention to help affiliate marketers to generate a significant amount of sales through the proven tools and strategies that both Dave and John put together.


The Niche Marketing Kit is a great introduction to how to be a successful affiliate marketer. It’s also a great platform to learn the necessary software, resources, and information that most affiliates use today. Their products do cover every important internet marketing components in their all-in-one package. Furthermore, there was no mention of scammy, or spammy behavior.

Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill both are reputable and experienced affiliate marketers. You can find their backgrounds and blogs on the Internet.

And for these reasons I believe The Niche Marketing Kit is completely LEGIT and is not a scam in anyway.




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