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What is GenEnergy

GenEnergy can optimize electrical systems in residential homes and commercial business, and produce a savings of up to 45% on Electric Bills. GenEnergy is an energy saving device designed to optimize electrical motors and reduce amperage and heat generation which results in a lower consumption of electricity. This technology reclaims, stores and supplies power to inductive motors and loads. All induction loads consume two kinds of power: 1) Reactive Power, and 2) Working Power of KW. Working power performs the application or the work of the motor. The only function of reactive power is to develop an electromagnetic field to ground induction winding’s (EMF’s).

Residential GenEnergy Devices

Thousands of people are enjoying the energy savings and surge protection that our GenEnergy Devices provide.
Not only can you enjoy the money that you will save, you can also feel the comfort of knowing that your expensive electronics are protected from power surges and spikes.

GenEnergy is designed to recycle the unused or wasted electricity in your current electrical system. Therefore, reducing energy consumption, and lowering the amount of electricity your utility provider needs to produce.

No Whole House Surge Protection
For use with 220Volts – 240Volts
Single Phase Service.
20yr Warranty
Special Price: $299.95
Retail: $599.95
You Save: $300.00Place Order Now

GenEnergy +
With Whole House Surge Protection
For use with 220Volts – 240Volts
Single Phase Service.
20yr Warranty
Special Price: $399.95Retail: $699.95
You Save: $300.00Place Order Now

What’s The Difference Between GenEnergy and GenEnergy +?

That is an awesome question… The GenEnergy is your power saving device. It can connect to your electrical panel (breaker box) or directly to the load such as your air conditioning unit. In most cases it can save you up to 45% per month on your power bill.

The GenEnergy + is the same as the GenEnergy however, it has an added whole house surge protector built in. This is not just any surge protector, it’s a lifetime surge protector. What that means is we have tested it for over 100,000 surges and it still protects on surge 100,001 just like it did with the very first surge. Those surge protectors you buy at your local big box store or online usually blow after the first or second major surge. Of course nothing can protect you from a direct lightning strike, but most of the time, a surge caused by a lightning strike is from a strike a few miles away.

Power surges occur very often during a thunderstorm, when lightning is present. But, if there is no storm present, there are other factors that can cause a power surge in your electrical system such as a tree or branch falls on a power line, a transformer on a power pole going bad or blowing, faulty wiring, etc.

Is it Worth It to Protect Your Home’s Electronics and Appliances?
Most home surge protectors are sold to protect your electronics. Everybody knows in a thunderstorm, the TV, and computers are the 1st ones to go. So purchasing inexpensive power strips to have added protection for your electronics is a good choice. But… What About the Big Ticket Items?

Do you Choose Individual Cheap Power Strips or A Whole House Surge Protector?
When it comes to protecting the big ticket motors/appliances in your home or business, do you rely on these inexpensive power strips? Or, do you go for something that is specifically designed to protect your Central A/C, Heat Pump, pool pump, refrigerator, electronics & more?

When it’s thousands of dollars on the line, our GenEnergy + can protect your expensive equipment AND make it run more efficiently.

GenEnergy + not only recycles energy to save you money, but also doubles as a whole house surge protector to shield your motors & appliances against power surges and brownouts.

Both the GenEnergy and the GenEnergy + can be installed either at your electrical panel or directly to a large motor such as an air conditioner. Because it’s very design causes the electricity to be recycled back into your system, you require less energy from your power company thus saving you up to 45% per month on your power bill and that puts money back in your pocket where it belongs!

Installation By An Electrician Is Easy

Installation couldn’t be quicker or easier by any electrician and the savings are immediate!

When mounting either unit to your breaker panel to the first breaker after the main breaker you are optimizing the entire panel. This will insure whole house savings and if you are getting the GenEnergy + with whole house surge protection, this will insure surge protection for the entire panel.

NOTE: All GenEnergy and GenEnergy + units should be installed by a Licensed Electrician and per National Electrical Code (NEC) Regulations. Each GenEnergy unit has a 20 year warranty (see enclosed warranty instructions for details) that will be voided if NOT installed by a licensed Electrician.

Why & How Does GenEnergy Work?

When referring to how GenEnergy works, we must first talk about Power Factor.

Power Factor is the amount of real power flowing to the load or apparent power; usually expressed in a percentage value. An example of this would be shown as 0.75 or 75%. The utilities companies say that a 1.0 is a perfect power factor. Real Power is the capacity of the circuit that is being used to perform the work. This would be defined in your panel as the breaker size. Apparent Power is the product of the current and voltage of the load. Which would be equal to the watts and amperage. Due to the energy stored in the load and returned to the source, or due to a non-linear load that distorts the wave shape of the current drawn from the source, the apparent power can be greater than the real power which causes you to pay for more power than you are using.

In an electric power system a load with a low power factor draws more current or amps, than a load with a high power factor for the same amount of useful power transferred. The higher currents increase the energy lost in distribution or load centers, and require larger wires and other equipment. Because of the cost of larger equipment and loss of energy, power companies will usually charge a penalty, or a higher cost to industrial and commercial customers where there is a low power factor present. Linear loads with a low power factor (such as induction motors) can be corrected or improved with capacitors or inductors such as the GenEnergy.

Although it has been said that utilities companies do not charge residential users for a low power factor, residential applications can still generate a savings of up to 45% on their electric bills. The reason is you are billed for the excess heat/loss in the lines on your side of the power meter regardless of how great their power factor is. The older the home or building, the older the wire & fittings, the more inefficient the home is and the more you pay for energy that cannot be used because of these inefficiencies. And if you install the GenEnergy, it will help reduce your kilowatt usage. Even brand new or newer homes still have excess heat/loss in the lines and thus still see a monthly savings. Power companies know this but fail to tell you because they see it as a small amount of money you pay compared to your overall bill. But what they don’t understand is that in most cases, that extra money you are paying for your monthly power could be costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. That’s money you could be using for something else or even saving for your future.

GenEnergy is designed to increase your power factor percentages, and improve your existing electrical system. By increasing your electrical efficiency you are lowering your watts usage and ultimately lowering your power bill.

Plain and simple, GenEnergy WORKS!
Let’s us show you the proof…

See Real Savings

Since the GenEnergy units reduce the actual Watts and not just Amps, you should see a real savings each month. In fact we have people all over the World saving up to 45% per month on their Power Bill.

Click HERE to see a PDF of a REAL Electric Bill from a REAL GenEnergy Customer. You will see they saved over $49 in one month on their Power Bill compared to the same time frame last year.

Now that’s money back in your pocket!

Solar vs. GenEnergy

When comparing Solar to GenEnergy, which is better?

Some say that these type of devices don’t work or isn’t worth the investment. But those that say this are usually basing their opinion off of mathematical formulas and not actual test results. Well, here’s GenEnergy put to the test and in a big way. This is a 3rd party verifying the work-ability of a Savings Device just like GenEnergy. New York Power Authority tested Savings devices and the results were amazing! Here’s a section…[read more]

At Genusity, we are so confident in our workmanship that we offer you a 20 Year Limited Warranty on every Residential GenEnergy Unit. This means as long as you have your GenEnergy installed by a licensed electrician, that from the date of install, if your GenEnergy Unit fails due to a defect in material or workmanship or damage by lightning, we will repair or replace your unit FREE. Some restrictions apply so please be sure to read your enclosed warranty card with your unit.

This warranty does not apply to damage caused by:

  • Accidental mishandling, dropping or other types of physical abuse.
  • Units which have been opened, taken apart or subjected to unauthorized repairs.
  • Units which have not been installed or used in accordance with instructions.
  • Riots, civil disturbances, war or other related acts of God.

This warranty does not apply to damages claimed in excess of the cost of the installed units, and although this warranty outlines specific legal rights, your actual rights may vary from state to state.

Warranty service is available by contacting our customer support department to receive an authorization code and shipping instructions.

Please note: While we have customers all over the World that have saved up to 45% on their Power Bill, we don’t guarantee you any savings.



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