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4 STEPS on MAKING MONEY with JVZoo(Step 3)

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Once you have chosen a product to promote from your Paid Social Media Jobs members area, the next step is for you to rebrand a free report to giveaway on behalf of that business.

Previously, we chose the product called ‘LandingPage Monkey’ as an example.

And report called ‘Landing Page Geek’ is the matching report to the ‘LandingPage Monkey’ product.

The matching report can easily be found at the bottom of the product page. So whatever product you choose, it is already paired with the best-fit report for you.

Let’s go ahead and click on the button that says ‘Rebrand Now’

This will take you to the rebrand page for that report where you can read simple explanation of the process and on how you get paid.

When you scroll down the page you will find the rebrand form for the report. As you can see this is a very simple process and just requires you to fill in two fields.

The first is your JVZoo affiliate ID.

Your JVZoo affiliate ID can be found on your JVZoo “My Account” page and under the “Affiliate Information”.

So enter your JVZoo affiliate ID into the first field on the form. Then you just need to enter your email address, which we will use to send you an email containing the link to your rebranded report. And finally, you just hit the button that says ‘Rebrand it!’.

You will then be taken to a page where you can download your rebranded version of the free report.

The next step is, of course, to give this free report to as many people as possible, because the more people who read it, the more money you will make.

Getting people to read your branded version of the free report is really easy, and we give you three simple ways of doing it. Option 1 allows you to download the file to your computer.

You right click on the PDF file icon, and select ‘save link as’ or ‘save file as’ or ‘download file’, depending on what browser you are using.

You can then choose where you would like to save the file on your computer and click ‘Save’

Option 2 gives you a direct download link to your branded version of the report which we are hosting on our server for you.

This link makes it very easy for you to give someone access to your branded version of the free report because you just have to give them this link and they will be able to immediately download it.

When that person does download the report, there will be links at the bottom of every page enticing them to click. All of these links will contain your JVZoo affiliate ID, as shown here underlined in blue, and the vendor ID shown underlined in green (The vendor ID is handled by us so you don’t need to worry about that).

When someone clicks any of these links they will get taken to the sales page for the product you chose to promote and they will automatically get tagged with your JVZoo affiliate ID.

So if they then make any purchase from that business within the next 60 days, you will get paid a commission. It’s that easy!

The third option for sharing your branded version of the report is actually the most powerful and uses our special viral lock technology.

When you generate your branded version of the report, we create a unique viral download link just for your branded version of that report.

When someone clicks on that link, they are taken to your unique viral download page. Here they can read a description of the report, see the cover image and download the file.

However, the twist is that when they first arrive on the page the download link is locked. In order to unlock their free download link, they must share your viral download page on either Facebook, Google+ Twitter or Linked in.

Because they are getting a premium ebook for free, people are happy to do this. If someone clicks on the Facebook share button for example

A window will popup asking them to login to their Facebook account.

When they log in, they will have to share the free ebook on their Facebook account

and they are taken straight back to your viral download page where their free download link is now unlocked.

What is really powerful for you though is that now their Facebook feed will show that they have shared this free ebook.

All of that person’s friends and connections on Facebook will see it, many of them will be interested and will click on the link to download it as well.

And when they do, they will be taken to your viral download page, where they will also have to share it on THEIR own social media account to unlock the download link.

Which means all of THEIR social media connections will see it as well!

And so the whole process repeats again and again.

So with your viral download page, you only need one person to download your branded version of the free report in order to get dozens or even hundreds of downloads.

But how do you get that first person to download the report?

Well, let’s look back at the example we have been working with in.

The free report you are giving away is called ‘Landing Page Geek’ and is a high quality, information packed PDF file filled with great advice about setting up a landing page.

So if you can find people who are interested in internet marketing, online business, or anything along those lines then they would likely be very keen to get their hands on this ebook for free.

So all you need now is to know where to find them, which thanks to the internet is very easy to do.

One thing you could do is look up one of the many online marketing related forums online, reply to people’s questions and give them the download link for your branded version of the free report.

Remember the report is completely free for them to access, has no hard selling in it and provides good quality information, so people are grateful to receive it.

You can do the same thing in internet marketing related Facebook groups, Twitter pages, Linkedin groups, the comment section of relevant blogs, Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, Yahoo Answers

and anywhere else where you can find people who are interested in the topic of your free Ebook.

To give yourself a quick boost in downloads you can also use the social media sharing buttons beneath your viral download link to share your branded version of the free report on your own social media accounts.

If you have friends who are interested in the topic of the ebook they will appreciate the free information and they don’t have to buy anything,

it will just help spread the word about your download link and kickstart your earnings.

Once you have shared your branded version of the free report with as many people as you can, the next step is to go back to the Products page in your Paid Social Media Jobs members area choose another product to promote.

There is no limit the number of companies you can work with, and the more free reports you rebrand with your affiliate ID and share, the more money you will make.

The final and most fun step of all is to check your earnings.

Remember though that you probably won’t start to make money overnight because it takes time for the reports to be shared, gets noticed and downloaded by people.

Plus not everyone who downloads one of your branded free reports will read it right away, they might save the file to read later on.

If you are persistent though and continue to create and share new free reports regularly, your earnings will start to build up and you will be able to look forward to cashing in those big weekly checks, just like many of our current members do now.

When you are ready, Click the step 4 titled, ‘Check your earnings and get paid’.

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