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Welcome to the Cashjuice 3 Step Plan!

You’ve just taken the first step to setting up the CashJuice plan.

Setting up is easy and we’ll take you through step by step and show you how to make the most of the plan.

Once you’ve completed the first 4 steps of the setup you’ll be able to get started, but like anything in life, the harder you work the luckier you get. Follow all of the setup instructions today or in the next 2 days and you’ll get ahead of the game.

The first step is easy, we need to setup the funnel.

Our funnel will be Traffic Ad Bar. We won’t go into the reasons why yet, but Traffic Ad Bar has some great features that we’ll utilise to drive traffic through the Plan.

If you already have a Traffic Ad Bar account that’s fine, if you need to create an account you can find instructions on how to do that by clicking on the button below.Click here to create a Traffic Ad Bar account.

Click here if you have a Traffic Ad Bar account.


Step 2… next you need to add your Cashjuice referral link to your Traffic Ad Bar account.

  1. Login to your Traffic Ad Bar account.
  2. If you’ve just setup your account click through the setup pages until you see “Add your first ad”. If you’ve already completed the setup, click on “Advertising” on the top red bar.
  3. Your link is, enter that as the URL of your ad.
  4. Next, you’ll be asked for a title and 2 x lines of description. We recommend you create something unique, something that will stand out from other people advertising Cashjuice. One technique is to write about the benefits of Cashjuice. You may want to change your ad in the future, and start off with one of our generic ads. Here are some ideas:
    • Title 1 – Connect to Cashjuice
    • Title 2 – Join the community
    • Title 3 – Fast track your success
    • Description 1 – Everything you need for success
    • Description 2 – Free to join!
  5. If you’ve just setup your account, complete the setup and then come back here!

Click here when you’ve added your Cashjuice Ad.

Good job, you’re doing well!

The next step is to connect your Traffic Ad Bar to your Cashjuice account.

Why? Well for one, we can check you’ve setup your funnel correctly, but maybe more importantly we can monitor your stats and help you get the most from the plan.

Connecting is easy, just click the button below. When you’ve successfully connected you will automatically come back here.

The Plan

Welcome to “The Plan”, the heart of Cashjuice.

The simple way to earn money online for FREE!

 From: Darren Merrett
(Cashjuice Founder)


“The Plan” is a FREE to use, automated system, that will help you earn money online.

  • Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned Pro, the Cashjuice plan has something for everyone.
  • Whether you’re promoting an affiliate link or your own website, Cashjuice can help you.
  • Whether you’re looking for some extra cash each month or looking to build an empire, Cashjuice has the solution.

“The Plan” has simple step by step instructions, on how to get started and how to leverage Cashjuice to maximise your business potential.

  • 1. Build an audience
  • 2. Turn that audience into money.
  • 3. Use the CashJuice community.

Here’s to your future success,

What is the CashJuice plan?

Ok, so today I’m going to talk to you about how you can make money using the CashJuice plan.

But before I talk about CashJuice, let me just tell you about some of the things that are going on, on the internet right now. So let me talk about YouTube to start off with ok.

YouTube was started in 2005 by 3 guys working for PayPal, and they wanted to create a website that enabled them to upload videos and for their friends and family to be able to view those videos. One and a half years later Google bought YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars. So why would they buy a business for that amount of money that doesn’t make money? Well the answer is simple the answer is ads. Google knew that they could place their ads on the YouTube website and people would watch videos and they would see those ads. So they then started getting clever and they then decided that to incentivize people to upload videos onto YouTube, to incentivize people who are perhaps famous or people that have a large following, they decided that they would give a percentage of the money they make from the ads to those people who are putting videos and generating content for people to watch.

Last year, reportedly the top earner on YouTube earnt 16.5 million dollars. He’s a guy like you and me, he uploads videos of himself playing games. People then watch those videos and he earned a share of the ad revenue which was 16.5 million dollars. He’s got 20 million people following him and it’s a bit like people watching movies, except they’re watching him playing games. So, that’s one way in which you could make money on the internet.

I’ll give you another example, so, I have a friend who likes the supernatural and he has a website and he put some information on that website about, with some experiences he’s had some of the things that he’s found and he then realized that he could put links on his website to products like books and videos and perhaps equipment, and link it to Amazon and then when somebody made a purchase from Amazon by clicking on one of his links he could earn some money. We call that affiliate marketing and it means that you don’t have to do anything other than put links on your website and put content on your website to be able to earn money.

I was talking to another friend recently and she said that she had spent parts of her life trying to think of products and services that were perhaps unique that could make her fortune unfortunately she hasn’t found the golden ticket yet, but then I talked to her about the CashJuice plan and she then realized that she doesn’t need to create products or services anymore because we have the internet.

So what is CashJuice, well CashJuice is a way for you to make money, it’s a social network but unlike other social networks, we are going to share some of the revenue with you but we’re also going to show you how to find followers, how to find people that will follow you and when people follow you then you earn a percentage of the ad revenue that we generate and you also will get a percentage of any additional services that you can buy through CashJuice.

So there are 3 parts to the plan.

The first part of the plan is about building an audience, it’s about getting people to follow you and when you’ve got people that follow you you can then earn money.

The second part of the plan is showing you how to make money with that and obviously the things I’ve talked to you about ads and products and all that sort of thing but there are also other things you can do that perhaps you can promote using the social network side of it.

Then there’s a third part of CashJuice and the third part of CashJuice is about using the community to improve your skills, to learn from it, to find the people that are leading the way when it comes to this sort of thing and you can find that out easily enough through CashJuice with the league’s, you can see who’s at the top of the league, who’s doing better than most on CashJuice.

So we’re now going to talk about part one, the most important part of the plan and that is how do you build an audience, a following on CashJuice

Part 1

Building an audience

So… part 1 of the CashJuice plan is about building an audience. The goal here is to find real followers.

When you join CashJuice you’ll be given your own CashJuice link. When someone clicks on your CashJuice link and joins CashJuice they will become one of your followers. So all we need to do is find a way to advertise your link.

Now, you may already have people that you want to send this out to. You might already have experience in advertising and you may already know how to advertise something like your CashJuice link, but if you don’t, don’t worry, we’re here to help you advertise your link you’re going to use something called traffic exchanges.

Traffic exchanges allow you to view people’s websites and in return your link will be advertised to other people, and the great thing about CashJuice is that when you have a follower that follower will generate other followers for you.

Part 2

Making money from your audience

So part two of the CashJuice plan is all about earning money. Anyone can earn money on the internet with CashJuice.

There are many ways to earn money, I guess the most obvious way is through ads. We place ads on CashJuice, we make money from those ads and we share that money with you

CashJuice is free to use, I’ve always said that CashJuice you don’t have to pay but when one of your referrals upgrades their account we pay you money in return for you referring that person that has upgraded.

But I guess most importantly CashJuice is a platform it’s a platform for you to share your businesses your products and your services

Part 3

Using the CashJuice community

The third part of the CashJuice plan is about connecting with successful members on the CashJuice community.

So how do you find out who the successful members are, well we’ve made that simple with the CashJuice leagues.

The CashJuice leagues are designed to highlight who the experts are. We use a simple algorithm to rank every CashJuice member based on their activity and more importantly their success.

You can check the leagues at any time by clicking on the league’s tab from the dashboard.

Here you can see the members at the top of the league, you can choose to see the all-time league or the league for this month or last month.

You can see the member, their position on the league and their activity and positions for each of the stats we measure. You can rank the league by each of the stats by clicking on the heading of each of the columns so if you wanted to find out who’s generated the most referrals it’s easy.

You can also see a summary of your positions by clicking on the your league positions tab. Here you can see your performance at a glance at the end of every month we take the final rankings and issue gold silver and bronze awards to the top members.

The top 10 members each month are given lifetime access to the Diamond Club and they’re highlighted on the Diamond Club page as well as on the top of their profiles here.

You’ll also find that a lot of the Diamond Club members will share secrets of their success on their profile so you can follow them and learn at the same time.

CashJuice leagues is just one of the many features we have to help you accelerate your success in the online marketing world.

So I’ve told you about the three parts of the plan and how you can earn money with CashJuice. The first part was about building an audience, the second part was about making money from that audience and the third part is about using the community.

This is the beginning of your CashJuice journey it’s up to you where you go from here.

Why is the CashJuice plan special?

Well apart from being 100% free… CashJuice includes everything you need to be successful, build a social media following and build a recurring online income.

The CashJuice plan is a very simple, very clever way to earn to money. It utilises the viral effect of the internet to help you build a social media following of referrals that are incentivised just like you to build their own following which also helps you build yours.

 Viral – spreading or becoming popular very quickly through communication from one person to another, especially on the internet… 

What does viral mean?

We’ve all seen the viral effect on Facebook and Twitter. Someone posts an image or a video on their profile and someone shares it. Then 2 people share it, then 5, then 10, then 40……. before you know it 1,000,000 people have seen the post.

The CashJuice viral effect is similar.

1 action becomes 2…
2 actions becomes 4…

Or in other words

You create 1 follower, that follower will help you create 2 more followers.

So what is the plan?

  Well first, I personally guarantee anyone can setup my step by step business plan.  

But….. if you want some of the technical stuff…
  • 1 – You setup a free advertising funnel. Why? So we can create advertising streams that all funnel into 1 channel.
  • 2 – You setup free advertising streams that funnel potential followers onto your special CashJuice referral page.
  • 3 – You follow our daily tips to ensure you are maximising your business and making the most of every opportunity.

It really is that simple!

Get started today and work through 1 step at a time by clicking on the button below.

Click here to get started!

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