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Cruise Ship Jobs

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What do cruise ship jobs pay?

So what can you expect to make? The majority of positions are based on an hourly wage and most employment opportunities on a cruise ship earn $1,200-$1,500 a month. There are though, a large number of positions that can make as much as $2,500 a month equating to $13 an hour.

What kind of jobs are available on a cruise ship?

Activity and Entertainment JobsThis department includes hosts and hostesses, cruise directors and staff, disc jockeys, performers, swimming instructors, and shore excursion staff. These positions are considered the most glamorous on the ship, and are probably the most sought-after jobs in the cruise industry.

How do I get a job on a cruise ship?

Go to each cruise line’s main webpage and search for their employment links.Determine which position(s) you are best suited for. Look at all of your pastemployment, volunteer and/or educational experience. If you’re not sure what onboard position would best suit you speak with a Cruise Ship EmploymentSpecialist.

The Best Cruise Lines To Work For

The cruise industry worldwide is big and getting bigger every year. Explore each major cruise line and find current job openings on CruiseJobFinder. As a member you gain access to detailed company profiles, a continually updated database of current jobs, and extensive industry background. You’ll learn the differences between working on a small ship vs. a large one, what types of positions are advertised, and how cruise ships operate. Plus, every cruise line hires for land-based corporate positions, too.

Get the employment scoop on the world’s leading major cruise lines:

The world’s leading small-ship adventure cruise lines, medium sized, and local cruise operators are profiled, too:

There you are, if you want to experience working on Cruise Ships.Apply now….




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