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Best Website Traffic Strategies

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My intention of today’s discussion is to encourage our readers, i.e. YOU, to share with us what are some of your preferred website traffic strategies.

Feel free to discuss your preferred traffic strategies in the comment section below.

Let me kick start the discussion with 3 of my best website traffic strategies.

1) Advertising

Think about this question: If you are totally new to a market, with no network, no JV partners, no customer and no leads, how are you going to establish a presence in the market?

Well, one way is to actively promote your website through social medias such as facebook and forums. But that takes a lot of time and effort. A faster alternative is advertising.

There are 2 types of people when it comes to advertising:

– The first type are those who advertise with the aim to make some sales and hence recover the advertising cost with a good profit.

– The second type are those who advertise with the aim to build a network. Immediate recovery of the advertising cost is secondary because the network they have built will eventually pay back the advertising costs and much more.

It’s hard to say which type of advertisers is better. But personally, I belong to the second type. How about you?

2) Search Engine Traffic

The good thing about search engine traffic is that it is free and pretty sustainable. The challenge is it costs time, money and know-how to build that traffic.

The SEO game is a long-term game (at least 6 – 12 months). Most people fail because they are looking for short-term results. As I’ve discussed in my previous posts, with the launch of Google Caffeine, the emphasis is now on site authority, and one of the major factors that determine site authority is the age of the website.

If you do not have the patience to build links and wait, then what you can do is to leverage on authority sites that allow you to post articles, such as Squidoo and Ezinearticles. These sites have established their authority status and if you post an article to it, with some link building effort, you can easily get it rank well in Google. Then, you can try to channel the traffic back to your own website. The ‘route’ is a little longer, but it’s not a bad move since the traffic is free and tend to be long-term.

3) Word Of Mouth

The best form of traffic is probably word-of-mouth traffic. It’s the best because it is free, and the best part is you don’t have to worry whether Google likes you tomorrow!

Word-of-mouth is the true power of social networking. Instead of you tactfully and subtly promoting your website in facebook, twitter, forums, etc., you now have other people recommending your website through all kinds of channels.

You can speed up the word-of-mouth process with a good referral program. This is something I have been emphasizing, but many marketers are still not having their own referral program, especially affiliate marketers.

Most affiliate marketers limit their traffic sources to advertising, search engine and self-promotion in social medias. Can affiliates who promote other people’s products run their own affiliate programs? The answer is definitely YES. In fact that should be the way.

You can always create a product that caters to the market you are promoting, and recruit your own affiliates to promote that product while on the other hand, you promote other people’s products to the traffic that you receive.

There you have it, my best website traffic strategies. I have been using these 3 strategies since 2006 to build a pretty stable online empire. How about you? Share with us your best traffic strategies. Even if it’s a repeat of the three I’ve discussed, it’s still good to list it down and tell your own experience. I thank you for your contribution in advance.


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