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What scares you the most? Learning how to conquer fears can be challenging for everyone.

Fears can be unlearned by practicing self-discipline repeatedly.The most common fears that we experience are fear of failure, poverty, and loss of money.Fears cause people to reject opportunity when it comes. People are afraid of failure that they are paralyzed when it comes to taking risk.

There are many other fears that interfere with our happiness.

  • You fear the vanishing of love or
  • You fear the vanishing of your work and your financial freedom.
  • You fear of being mocked.
  • You fear non acceptance to the world.
  • You fear your not accepted by of others.

These and more other fears are holding us back to our life…

Here are a 35 techniques to help you overcome your fears and guide you to success…

1.Be aware that your Fears are causing Havoc in your Life

2. Identify your Fear

3. Investigating your Fears

4. The Now

5. Emotional Freedom Techniques

6. Sedona Method

7. Work

8. Removed your Negative Thoughts 

9. Gratifying Yourself

10. Write an Article

11. Talking Helps

12. Therapy

13. Learn How your Mind Works

14. Good Life Coach

15. Reading a Good Book

16. Take Action

18. Dieting

17. Watching a Movie or a Documentary

19. Think of something Positive

20. Putting Negative Thoughts to Perspective

21. Surrender to what is Powerful

22. Telling a Story of your Fear

23. Releasing Control of your Fear

24. Helping People25. Meaning to your Life

26. Get in touch with your Model person

27. Praying for Guidance

28. Public Speaking

29. Do Yoga exercises

30. Asking for Forgiveness

31. Understanding your Failure

32. Explore your Roots

33. Breathing Exercise

34. Fear Paralyzes Action

35. Fear Shuts Our Brain Down

Remember this,Just listen to yourself when you face your Fears.

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