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Hi, I’m Armando,

I want to welcome you all to my site. I’m new into blogging and I’m engaging in Affiliate Marketing. Formerly my fulltime job is that I’m a seafarer or in layman’s term seaman.I’ve worked on a cruise ship as a Repairman Supervisor for 10 years. But before that, I’m a plumber by trade. Our daily routine is maintaining the Pool and Whirpool,Galley, Laundry and Plumbing equipment. Just recently I retired on that job and now I’m into Affiliate marketing on Earning money online. I created this Blog to help newbies in pursuing a career in Affiliate Marketing. Whether it is on E-commerce, Blogging, CRM, Email marketing, Dropshipping, Etc.Etc.Etc.

You will be hearing from me on this site,writing about Affiliate marketing tips and blogs.

Thank you.


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